Keep Legal

Driving Assessments


Keep Legal offers a wide range of driving assessments depending on your company requirements. Assessments can even be carried out using company vehicles while the driver carries out their normal daily duties meaning no downtime.

Using our fully-qualified assessors, we can offer:

Initial Driving Assessment
For new drivers that you are taking on and want an overview of their driving ability and report on their general safety.

Periodic Driving Assessment
For those who want to keep their drivers on their toes to maintain high standards.

Post-accident Assessment
This type of assessment can be used either to assess a driver’s safety after a series of accidents or simply to ensure they are fit enough to get back to work after a serious accident.

Defect-prone Assessments
Replaced the clutch and gearbox several times? This assessment will assess a driver’s ability to use the vehicle in the appropriate and correct manner.

All assessments will include a full written report with references to appropriate legislation where necessary.

Assessments can be combined with training to allow Keep Legal to not only assess a drivers ability, but also tailor the driver training to that particular driver dynamically in order to get a more positive outcome.

Keep Legal can also carry out SAFED training. For more information, see SAFED.

Sometimes, for a large amount of drivers, outsourcing driver assessments can be costly. This is why Keep Legal also offer the service to give one of your drivers/managers the skills to assess your drivers internally. For more information, see Become an Assessor.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.