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Transport Dangerous Goods



When transporting dangerous goods, there is a higher risk of hazards such as fire, explosion, burns and environmental damage if an incident occurs. Due to this, there are specific regulations that we must comply with.

The ADR regulations are on the main legislations covering the transportation of dangerous goods. It explains that drivers must carry out training and receive a certificate. This is what we know as ADR Training. The good news is that Keep Legal offer this!

For more information, see ADR Training.

Refresh your knowledge

CPC Refresher


The CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a qualification that is required in order to be a Transport Manager. This role is extremely important and holds much responsibility. In worst cases, if things go wrong, the qualification can be revoked.

To safeguard your CPC, Keep Legal have developed the CPC Refresher course and is aimed to keep you updated with ever-changing legislation. This course is also the course that Traffic Commissioners sometimes ask to be completed.

For more information, see CPC Refresher.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor



Every operation that is involved in the carriage of dangerous goods must appoint or employ a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). In order to become a DGSA, one must sit and pass the SQA examinations.

Keep Legal have developed a course to prepare you for these examinations in order to give you the best possible change in passing.

For more information on the course and our DGSA consultancy service, see DGSA.

Initial and Periodic

Driver CPC


If you drive, or are looking to drive, professionally using your HGV/LGV (lorry) or PSV/PCV (bus/coach) licence, then in most cases, you will also need to obtain the Driver CPC Qualification.

New drivers will need to carry out the Initial Driver CPC before driving whereas drivers who are already in possession of their licence will need to carry out 35 hours approved training called Periodic Driver CPC. Either way, Keep Legal can offer the top-quality training you need in order to drive professionally.

For more information, see Driver CPC.

Assess your own drivers

Driving Assessor


As well as offering Driver Assessments, Keep Legal also offer customers to become driver assessors themselves.

Becoming a driver assessor can not only improve someones CV, but also reduce costs for the company if they have a large amount of drivers to assess, not to mention the possible reduction in expensive insurance premiums.

Potential assessors will receive training in not only how to assess drivers and their driving ability, but also how to properly address drivers appropriately, how to deal with eventualities, and how to write reports that will stand up if required.

For more information, see Driving Assessor.

Become a Transport Manager

Managers CPC


Keep Legal have a wealth of experience in aiding candidates in gaining the Transport Manager CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Qualification.

In using only the very best in GENUINE training material and guides, and utilising instructors that go that extra mile, you will have the best possible chance in passing the OCR examinations.

On passing, Keep Legal will continue to help including Operators Licensing services and the possibility of even finding you work.

For more information, see Managers CPC.

Understand the regulations

Operator Awareness


This course is specifically designed to aid Operators to give them complete awareness of their responsibilities in regards to the undertakings of their Operators Licence.

This course would be of particular help to those to have a Restricted Operators Licence giving you that understanding of what is required when operating large vehicles. This will enable you to have the confidence to run your business in full compliance to ensure you will not have problems.

This course is also the course that Traffic Commissioners sometimes ask to be completed.

For more information, see Operator Awareness.

Become qualified to load out of terminals

Petroleum Driver Passport

PDP Logo

Back by the government, the Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) is a qualification that has been developed by the Downstream Oil Industry Distribution Forum (DODF) which is a partnership of employers, industry bodies and trade unions.

The PDP sets a standard of competency for all road tanker drivers who are loading, transporting and unloading petroleum fuel products in the UK. Gaining the PDP Qualification will show that drivers meet the criteria required to enter participating terminals.

Unlike some training companies, Keep Legal have the experience in road tankers giving drivers the best training possible, not just a paperwork exercise.

For more information, see Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP).

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving


SAFED logo

SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) is a complementary scheme that is designed to develop safe and fuel efficient driving skills of drivers and involves both assessment and training.

Drivers that have completed the training are left with the knowledge of how to reduce their fuel costs, reduce the impact on the environment, reduce down time of the vehicle as well as being as safe as they can.

For more information, see SAFED.