Keep Legal

Compliance Audits


When operating vehicles, it is important to stay compliant with all legislation surrounding them including vehicle maintenance, driving licences, drivers’ hours offences etc.

We at Keep Legal understand that it can sometimes be stressful worrying about everything other than just running the business. This is why we offer our Compliant Audits and Checks.

Keep Legal can inspect the company operations and advise you if there are any shortcomings and how to rectify them. You can even receive a full photographic report if required.

Whether you need an audit to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner or simply to put your mind at ease, Keep Legal can help.

We check and advise on:

Operating Centre(s)

Maintenance Systems – Defect Reporting, Wheel Security, Brake Testing, etc.

Drivers’ Hours & Working Time Compliance

Record Keeping

Driver Training

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.