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Incompetent and confrontational transport manager is hit with indefinite ban


Allegations made in an attempt to deflect from the operator’s own serious misconduct

A transport manager who behaved in an “irate and confrontational” manner during an unannounced DVSA visit has been banned indefinitely by Traffic Commissioner for Wales, Nick Jones.

The agency’s investigation followed the issue of an S marked prohibition for an insecure brake air reservoir. Although the defect was serious in nature, it wasn’t picked up as part of the driver walk round check.

When the examiner arrived at the operating centre to begin investigations, he faced resistance, with the transport manager telling him he had no right to visit without an appointment or seize maintenance records.

Of course, the vehicle examiner did have the right to visit and examine the operator’s records.

Mr Jones heard the case at public inquiry, where DVSA examiners gave evidence on the behaviour they’d witnessed. They felt the operator had tried to deflect the investigation by claiming other operators in the area were using magnets.

A number of issues were reported by DVSA, including failures in the maintenance system, a poor MOT test history, falsified safety records and insufficient workshop pit areas. The firm had also gone into administration in February 2018.

Mr Jones said his decision to revoke the licence was an obvious one, sending a clear message out to the industry.

Commissioners want transport managers to have respect as experts within the industry; the conduct described in this case entirely undermines the system and damages the credibility of the individual.

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